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A Sampling of what I can do for You

Please take a look at the topics below for ideas of how I can assist you with your writing needs


In my 20+ years working in both the private and government healthcare industries, I have gained the experience to provide your projects with the highest level of care and attention.

Specializing in surgical care, quality and risk management, I will provide you with these excellent professional services: fluency in intricate and specialized terminology, command of complex systems mechanics, and a complete grasp of the symbiotic relationship of individual parts that make up the whole.

I offer skilled, detailed editing and research services that help your projects succeed. This experience ensures your technical reports, business documents, and business articles will be researched, reviewed and edited with your unique company perspective in mind, resulting in comprehensive and usable written materials.

When it comes to research, unfortunately, too many researchers give you back a ton of information, poorly organized and unusable. This can make your job even harder,  consuming more time than you planned.

With me, you can count on sound, systematic research. I am very familiar with web research; filtering through mass amounts of information, synthesizing and analyzing it to provide you with the most accurate research results possible.

Unlike most internet researchers, I can also put your search results into usable spreadsheets, comprehensive research summary reports, written documents, Access or a PowerPoint presentation, saving you time and ensuring you get the most out of your results.


What is the most efficient way to display your writing project?

I can help you create top-notch practical, expressive, and appealing project results.

I have produced spreadsheets, comprehensive research summary reports, presentation scripts, PowerPoint slide decks, saving you time and ensuring you get the most out of your results.

Creative Writing

This is the fun part of a writer's job! I have produced:

     two Bible devotional series 

     tour/cruise itineraries

     business biographies

     product test reviews


     business brochures

     health newsletters 

     restaurant reviews

and I'm enjoying penning my first children's book.

Happy to help you with your fun writing project!

Proofreading and Copyediting

30 years in the proofreading and editing industry gives me a background in this field that you are unlikely to find with others in the industry. 

I know how important it is that you effectively communicate with your audience from an insider's perspective.

In my past work with clients, I've found it helpful to proofread and edit the first five pages of the copy piece, and have you see if you like what I'm doing. Then I can give you a more precise proposal, and we'll have clarity on the assignment.

What customers are saying

I enjoyed the time shared with Jeanette. She understood what I was after in my book. Even though my book was a short ebook, I felt she did a wonderful job in bringing out the most of what I had written. I would recommend her to my friends for doing their book.

David - Men of Faith Ministries